“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
William Arthur Ward (1921-1994)

Ali Eshragh
Associate Professor in Business Analytics and Operations Management


100 International Drive,
Baltimore, MD, US.

1625 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC, US.




+1 (410) 234-9416

I have passion for teaching and always do my best to create and deliver high quality teaching by using innovative tools and techniques. I believe in teaching-research nexus by bringing my research outcomes and industry experience into my teaching. I use illustrative case studies and industry guest lecturers to engage students and provide additional practical knowledge and experience on top of what they gain from textbooks.

My pedagogical approach has focused on real world applications of the concepts and theories and has always been appreciated by students. This has produced Course Experience Survey (CES) average score of 4.6 (out of 5), across the last seven years of my teaching experience at the University of Newcastle (UoN). There have always been several excellent comments in my CES reports, I quote three of them here:

“Ali is the best! I really enjoyed his teaching. I wasn’t looking forward to probability and statistics, but he made it a pleasant experience. Ali is really great at explaining things in a logical and methodical way, and as a lecturer and tutor, he is very approachable which is incredibly valuable from a student’s perspective. He is always happy to help, and is very patient with us (which I’m sure must be difficult sometimes).” 

“An utterly fantastic course. Good balance of theory and practical, assignments were helpful without being overwhelming and the final project was of reasonable size and a good learning experience. Ali is a superb lecturer. I will more than likely recommend this course to others!”

“Assessment were positioned into the course that allowed the assessments and learning activities to have continuity and flow with each other. This created a perfectly balanced course where the content taught corresponded directly to assignments material. Ali’s commitment to teaching and feedback was nothing less than perfection, which really helped to grasp concepts and achieve the best marks possible in the course. The group project was the most enjoyable and interactive assessment I have ever completed. It was fantastic to apply real life data to the concept and theories learnt throughout the course. I believe every statistics course in the University should adapt Ali’s approach, as it is a successful way to reinforce and apply the theories and concept learnt in the course. Ali deserves an award of recognition for his hard work and commitment to his students and the course. Thank you Ali very much, it was pleasure to do the course and I hope I get to be taught by you again in the future.”

I have designed, coordinated and taught several courses in the areas of Operations Research and Statistics at undergraduate as well as graduate levels including (but are not limited to) Business Decision Making, Statistical Reasoning and Literacy, Engineering Statistics, Supply Chain Optimization, Forecasting with Linear Time Series Models, Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization, Markov Chains and Their Applications, and Data Analytics for Business Intelligence.